Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

So Curtis and I volunteered at this Fish Hatchery a little while back. Here is the little fishes that we were sorting through for them.

First we would put them to sleep. (they look dead)

Then we would send them through the blue machine next to Curtis's arm, which would check to make sure the tiny, tiny piece of metal in the fish's nose is there. This is how they will know in 5 years when the salmon come back to the hatchery to be harvested, which is theirs. It's really cool stuff!

You can't see the blue machine really well, but the two pipes shoot the fish out. The one over the net means that the fish's piece of metal is gone (or not there, where they don't tag every single fish). And you can see the fish are waking back up.

In the farther part, where the two long metal tanks are. That is where they have really little baby fish. They are so much fun to look at. See what they do is, harvest eggs from full grown (usually 5 year old) salmon (pink's, coho, king) and bring up thousands and thousands of little baby fish. They help them grow to the size of the ones that we are checking and then release them into the ocean. So this is not a salmon farm, just a hatchery. They do this to help with the fishing community. There are two hatchery's here. I have pictures of the other one I will post soon.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy Moment

Ok, the craziest thing happened yesterday. Curtis, I and Caite went to go jump in a lake that you have to hike to first (it was a hot day!). Well, I get out of the jeep from the passenger side and just happen to be looking straight ahead of me. On the tree's I see this thing climbing up it and one more ono the next tree. I look closer (not actually stepping closter though) and realize it's two cubs!!! They were not even 50 feet away from me and there they were climbing a tree. Well, to say the least we did not want to meet momma bear! So we got back in the jeep to decide what to do. The cubs had already ran off. I only got to see them for a few seconds. We ended up getting out of the jeep and warning other people that were around the place and then left to tell the Sheriff that we saw cubs because so far there had been no sightings of bears by this specific trail yet. So to say the least it was the Coolest/Scariest thing I had ever seen. They even looked just like little black cubs with the brown snout that you would by in the store. Too bad I did not have my camera on me!

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Well, we found out that getting a hair cut in Sitka is wicked expensive. So Curtis's mom sent him some clippers for his Birthday. And him being a brave soul, let me cut his hair. I don't think I did to bad for never really cutting hair before. It did end up a little shorter than he likes but my finger width is smaller than his finger width. But we decided in the end that in a week it would not matter either way. :0)

And no he really is not picking his nose. Just goofin off.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

K, I know it's a long slide show but watch. IT'S KOOL!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Friday, May 15, 2009

More Scenery! Beautiful!

Stranded boat on random beach